Gemmerling Bay. Kunashir Island.

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Gemmerling bay. Kunashir Island.

If you think this is a German name - NO.

The bay is named after the Russian biologist - soil scientist Gemmerling Vladimir Vasilyevich.

Anna's South Kuril friends said that this is a view of the cape from the north, somewhere along the road to the Tyatya volcano.

The picture was created in August - October 2019.

Canvas x Oil.

Size 54 x 44 cm.

Anna Kopytina's last trip to Kunashir in 2019.

Thanks to the huntsman Karpov, who accompanied Anna in the reserve of Kunashir Island.

Favorite island of Kunashir at noon in late summer or early autumn 2019.

The work was done at the Saratov cordon of the Kunashir Island Reserve.

Painting "Gemmerling Bay. Kunashir Island." is in the private collection of Anna Kopytina's parents.