Who is this book for?

We hope that the book will be interesting and useful not only to friends and relatives of Anna Kopytina.
But also to artists, art historians, teachers of drawing and painting, owners of art galleries and all people who are not indifferent to works of art.
The book will be published in parts on the website of Anna Kopytina, in the blog.

We do not in any way want to offend anyone, so if you disagree with something, please write comments or send messages to or

By and large, the book is about the painting of the Far East of Russia - how are artists trained, what do they paint, where do they work?

We, mother and the father of the famous Artist of the Far East - Anna Kopytina.
A short life fell to my daughter, only 37 years old.
Anna left a great legacy - more than 600 paintings.

We, Anya's parents, know how the artist's development took place - studying at a children's art school, studying at the Art College of Vladivostok, studying at the Far Eastern Institute of Arts.

Anna's independent steps are plein-airs in Kunashir, organization of exhibitions, teaching at art schools and studios.

Therefore, we want to share while everything is fresh in memory.

We hope that what has been written will be useful to everyone who is interested in the painting of the Far East.

So, this book is about the painting of the Far East on the example of the life of the Artist - Anna Kopytina, our daughter.