Not everyone is destined to become a diamond in painting

And so, we will begin.

In the old days, when there was no photography, people knew how to draw.
Many of them were good at pencil and brush and taught their children how to draw.

Now parents want to give their children a good education - music school, art school, ballet and dance schools and studios...
Of course, the skills of mastering color and composition in the future will be useful to all children.
But not everyone is destined to become a diamond in painting.

Someone will have to work with graphic programs on a computer, someone will draw sketches of hairstyles for their clients, someone will draw posters for their work.
There are a lot of areas where you can apply your skills as an artist.
It's a pity that Art Institutes rarely have courses for teaching artists how to work with computer programs - AdobePhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Corell Drow, InDesign, Win View, ACDSee and others.

In our opinion, not professionals in painting, every year in Vladivostok many artists with the higher and secondary vocational education are issued.
These are graduates of the Institute of Arts and the Art College of Vladivostok.
There are departments of architecture, graphics and design at FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University), VSUES (Vladivostok State University of Economy and Service) and other universities and colleges.
This is about 50-150 graduates annually.

The market for artists in the Far East is overcrowded, not to mention Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Few people paint paintings for sale - that is, they earn money directly by craft.
Even the best artists cannot sell their paintings. There are no worthy buyers, true connoisseurs of art and collectors. There are very few such people in the Far East.

There are almost no people willing to pay even about 10-30 thousand rubles for a painting, which is already talking about amounts of more than 100,000 rubles.
Therefore, artists are looking for work in the field of education - they teach at art schools, colleges, institutes.

And it turns out a kind of vicious circle, there are more and more artists, but there is nowhere for them to work.
This is not an unfounded statement, I know many classmates, Anna's peers.
The most successful work as the chief artist of the Gorky Theater and as a props at the Mariinsky Theater (Primorskaya Stage).
Someone teaches at FEFU, at the Pedagogical School, at art schools and studios.
Moreover, almost all graduates want to stay in Vladivostok, and not go to remote corners of the Primorsky Territory and the Far East.
Although, for example, in the city of Yuzhno-Kurilsk there is no art school, but only a studio ...

Anna was offered to create an art school  of Southern-Kurilsk (island of Kunashir) and become its director.
Together with Katya Onischuk, also a graduate of the Institute of Arts, they were going to go to Yuzhno-Kurilsk for this purpose in 2020, but it didn’t work out ....

Previously, in Soviet times, artists had a distribution to the place of further work, however, as in other universities of the country.

Artists went to work in art galleries and various enterprises of our vast Motherland. Someone became a restorer, someone made posters, someone made portraits of leaders and various party leaders ... ..

Immediately after protection of the diploma by Anna, in 2007 far now, we invited Anna's fellow students to our home and offered them to organize a Non-Commercial Partnership.
Of course, we talked to Anya beforehand so that she could explain to the artists the purpose of our meeting.
Only girls came, for some reason the boys were not at all interested in this topic.
This is how the Non-Commercial Partnership of Young Artists “ArtTerraIncognita” (Uncharted Land Art) was born.

The purpose of the Non-Commercial Partnership is to organize joint exhibitions and sell paintings, popularize painting.

Here is what was the result of the work of NP "ArtTerraIncognita":

2007 - exhibition of the association of young artists of Vladivostok ArtTerra Incognita "Birthday", Maternity Hospital No. 4 Vladivostok.

2007 - a traveling exhibition of paintings by the Association of Young Artists of Vladivostok ArtTerra Incognita "Wonderful Catch", VMRP - TINRO - DALRYBA (Vladivostok).

2007 - exhibition of paintings at the 4th International Fishery Exhibition "Prospects for the development of the fishing industry 2007", Vladivostok

from the artist Anna Kopytina, Vladivostok