On the island of Kunashir. Linocut

Year of creation: 29.07.2019
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On the island of Kunashir. Linocut.

The size is 21x28 centimeters.

In additional photos, fitting in a baguette.

I continue to do a little print and linoleum engraving.

I tested new linoleum cutters - everything is cool).

And, although my mentor is not always happy with the composition, everything here is in pleasure and the process of cutting, and printing "hand-to-hand" and discussion of mistakes and even the fact that mistakes are found.

Linocut is in the private collection of Anna Kopytina's parents.

Here's what Anna writes on her Instagram channel:

August 18, 2019

The engraver's unforgettable weekdays and working nights continue :) The other day, with my colleague @o__ignatenko, we were printing until 1 am in the workshop of our master @ kungurov522018 ... next time we will better calculate the time. And after that I still manually "rolled" 12 sheets. ...
A friend who had to wait for me was a little outraged, although she said that she understood me - after all, 12 works in 3 hours is attractive :).
Yeah, that's why printmaking, engraving - you draw and cut once and .... at least 100 sheets. 100 I certainly don't)
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  • 15x10
  • Линогравюра
  • City
  • Coast
  • Forest
  • Sea
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