I want to return to the Kuril Islands, in memory of the artist Anna Kopytina

by Администратор Главный
На Курилы хочется возвращаться  открытие выставки картин, памяти художницы Анны Копытиной

I want to return to the Kuril Island, exibition in memory of the artist Anna Kopytina

June 25 in the South Kuril Museum of Local Lore named after F.I. Pyzhyanova hosted the opening of an exhibition of paintings dedicated to the memory of the talented artist Anna Kopytina.

⠀ Anna Kopytina tragically died in the city of Vladivostok earlier this year. Sudden death violated all the plans of this young talented creative person.

For the first time, Anna visited the islands in 2005, preparing for her thesis, and since 2014 she began to regularly come to the Kuril Islands, she was equally admired by Iturup, Kunashir and Shikotan, dozens of paintings were written on island topics. The artist made creative plans, intending to visit Kunashir this summer. Here, on the islands, over the years she has made many friends and connoisseurs of her talent.

⠀ In 2016, Anna Kopytina was among the organizers of the exhibition “Artists of Vladivostok-Kurilam” by coastal artists who visited the islands in 1970-1980. At that time, paratroopers from Moscow and Vladivostok landed annually on the Shikotan and Kunashir in parallel with student Putin's detachments, workers of organizational recruitment from all regions of the then USSR, and entire landing groups of painters from Moscow. All of them were bewitched and fascinated by the unusual Kuril nature. Today, their paintings adorn the main art galleries of Moscow and Western capitals.

Anna presented the exhibition “Artists of Vladivostok - Kurilam” for six months on all the Kuril Islands and in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. She was a huge success with the smokers. At the exhibition, along with the works of venerable artists, many of whom have already passed away, the paintings of our Anna were also displayed. She then presented sketches praising the amazing nature of the island region. The Kuril landscapes of Anna Kopytina amaze with the freshness, purity and clarity of colors.

In the museum of local lore in Yuzhno-Kurilsk, the residents of Kunashir and her friends gathered to open an exhibition of Anna Kopytina's works. The director of the museum, Alexey Zadirako, first spoke about the work of a talented young artist who, unfortunately, passed away early. He also read out a letter from Anna's parents addressed to the administration, the department of culture, the museum of local lore, admirers of the talent of their daughter. They told some details from the life of her daughter, about her becoming as a person, as an artist.

Parents shared that they are already familiar with the distant islands and dream of coming here soon. They also expressed gratitude to all friends, smokers of Anna Kopytina for the memory and organization of this exhibition.

⠀ The exhibition in the South Kuril Museum of Local Lore was opened by Natalia Savochkina, vice mayor of the district administration. She was personally acquainted with Anna Kopytina, her work and thanked the staff of the regional museum for organizing this exhibition, and also urged all the people who came to the opening of the residents of the regional center to bring their friends here, so that they would get to know their native Kuril Islands through the work of a talented artist. “There is something to see and think about,” said Natalia Savochkina.

Galina Glushkova, a resident of Kunashir, an employee of the regional library, is also well acquainted with the work of the young artist, said that Anna, a very young girl, an artist from God, worked in any painting technique.

⠀ “Her vision of our island natural attractions, seemingly very familiar to us, locals, is completely different and with a different meaning. And how does she present our villages, towns, production shops, i.e. our everyday life! Again, with such love and understanding. This is a talented artist. Anna was in love with the Kuril Islands, ”says Galina Glushkova.

It is worth noting that Anna Kopytina began to paint as a child. This hobby first brought her to the children's art school. Then she graduated from the Vladivostok Art College, and in 2006 - the art faculty of the State Academy of Arts, where she received a red diploma from the artist-painter.

On account of Anna 25 exhibitions, including 4 personal. The works of Anna Kopytina are in the collection of the exhibition center of Vladivostok, in the funds of the South Kuril Museum, in private collections of Russians and abroad.

⠀ At the exhibition in the district museum, the works of the artist Anna Kopytina, painted at different periods of her work, are presented, many paintings were provided by her Kuril friends especially for this exhibition.

The exhibition of the artist KOPYTINA Anna Ivanovna (1983 - 2020) in the South Kuril Museum of Local Lore will last until August 2020. ⠀ # kunashir # yuzhnokurilsk

from the artist Anna Kopytina, Vladivostok