Under construction shop fish processing plant​. Small format

Year of creation: 06.10.2019
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Under construction shop fish processing plant. Small format.

The island of the Kuril ridge Kunashir.

October 17, 2019. Anna Kopytina's last trip to Kunashir.

Painting - Paper Gouache.

Painting size: 42x30 cm.

Framed painting size: 54x41 cm.

In the distance, the Mendeleev volcano disappeared behind the clouds - this is the most favorite view of the bay of the city of Yuzhno-Kurilsk.

There seem to be four such paintings dedicated to the construction of the South Kuril fish factory.

One painting is in the collection of the fish factory, was completed in early 2020 and participated in the exhibition "I want to return to the Kuriles."

Anna was no longer in the world, and this picture had just arrived in Yuzhno-Kurilsk.

Painting "Under construction shop fish processing plant. Small format." is in the private collection of Anna Kopytina's parents.


  • 42x30
  • Гуашь Бумага
  • Coast
  • Greens, Shadows
  • Sea
  • Volcano
Year of creation: