A wonderful catch. Free copy of Raphael's painting

Year of creation: 05.05.2007
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A wonderful catch. Free copy of Raphael's painting.

The painting was painted in 2007 for the traveling exhibition of the association of young artists "ArtTerraIncognita".

The exhibition was timed to the day of Rybak and was exhibited at the 3 largest enterprises in the fishing industry of Vladivostok.

In the Vladivostok Fishing Port, in a scientific institute - TINRO (Pacific branch of the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography), in the office building of DalRyba.

One painting was stolen from the building of the Fishing Port.

About 15 works were sold in private collections, in the collection of TINRO and DalRyba.

History, the creation of the sketch "Wonderful catch" by Raphael

The wonderful catch of fish, one of the miracles created by Christ, is the first plot in a series of ten sketches for tapestries that Pope Leo X ordered Raphael for the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Raphael painted this sketch in 1516. (Size: 319 ? 399 cm). Copied by many weavers, it gained widespread fame throughout Europe.

The plot shows a wonderful catch of fish. According to the Gospel, Christ advised two brothers, Simon (nicknamed Peter) and Andrew, to re-throw nets into the lake after unsuccessful fishing, which lasted all night. And he called them to become "fishers of men."

They obeyed the advice, and their nets came full of fish. And although Christ is depicted imperceptibly sitting at the right edge of the picture, it is he who is the dramatic center of the composition: the gestures of Peter and Andrew attract the attention of the viewer.


  • 150 х 200 см
  • Масло Холст
  • Coast
  • Fish
  • Hands
  • Structure
  • Vessel
  • Water
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