Dimitrov Bay large format. Shikotan Island

Year of creation: 02.09.2019
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Dimitrov Bay large format. Shikotan Island.

View of the Dimitrov Bay in the evening on a September day, 2019.

Shikotan Island.

Created in September 2019.

37 x 21 cm.

Canvas x Oil

Shikotan Island at noon in September.

A big hike around the island of Shikotan with friends - Alexei Zadirako, Alexei Gorozhankin, Nikolai Gorsky.

In the bays - Church, Robinson Crusoe, Cape "Edge of the World".

Anna sent a message to her parents on September 10, 2019:

“Mom did not understand whether the sound would reach.


We went to the bays today. To Dimitrov, further to Church.

Communication there is only on the heights, I will try to report, but there should be no concern - we have excellent friends, real knights.

It is also possible that I will be in touch on Saturdays. "

The painting "Dimitrov Bay large format. Shikotan Island." is in the private collection of Anna Kopytina's parents.


  • 37x29
  • Масло Холст
  • Coast
  • Forest
  • Greens, Shadows
  • People
  • Sea
  • Volcano
  • Water
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