On the coast of Kunashir. South Kuril Islands

Year of creation: 17.07.2017
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On the coast of Kunashir. South Kuril Islands.

14 х 23 cm.

Canvas x Oil

How attractive this sunny landscape against the backdrop of a volcano.

I think this depicts the owner of the dog team - Georgy Kulinsky.

Most likely the picture was painted in 2017, the palette of the picture is very similar to the works of this period.

Then the artist Anna Kopytina was in Kunashir with the exhibition "Etudes in Kuril tones".

An article about the exhibition and photos is on the blog:

Etudes in Kuril tones. Exhibition of works by Anna Kopytina in Yuzhno-Kurilsk in 2017.

Anna often painted the coast of Kunashir and the Mendeleev volcano.

The painting "On the coast of Kunashir. South Kuril Islands" is in the private collection of Anna Kopytina's parents.


  • 14x23
  • Масло Холст
  • Coast
  • Forest
  • Greens, Shadows
  • People
  • Rocks
  • Volcano
  • Water
Year of creation: