Reviews on the exhibition "Artists of Vladivostok Kurilam", photo report

by Администратор Главный
Отзывы о выставке "Художники Владивостока Курилам", фоторепортаж

Here I have not talked about the exhibition "Artists of Vladivostok Kurilam" ??

I'll tell you! And let this be a good omen before the holiday and for the coming year (Published December 17, 2017) !

The exhibition came first to Kunashir, and then, when viewing it with my tour;) Oleg Nikolaevich (the governor of the Sakhalin region) liked it, and therefore it was possible to move it further along the islands of the Kuril ridge.

The main organizer was me ??, with enormous moral and professional support and supervision of A. Gorodny - ARTETAGE (by the way, his and the name of the project).

Thanks to all participants !!! Let's repeat it!

Residents smoked will be happy again! ??

It would be ideal, of course, to do the exhibition once every two years ... We are now weighing the pros and cons, because everything is not simple - both in terms of labor costs and in terms of documents, since it will be easier to work not for an individual , and someone more ??

So - "Comrades, everything is in the process!" Professional artists, paint pictures !!!

I think that there was not a single resident of Yuzhno-Kurilsk or Kurilsk who would not have visited our exhibition. The book of reviews reads like a poem: people admire, wonder. I will not hide the negative reviews: they say that it would be better to spend money on this or that instead of the exhibition ... But this is a normal part of any business - there will always be dissatisfied people. The vast majority of reviews were very pleasant, joyful. People realized that their native places, too far away, as it seemed to them, from the mainland, admire the beauty of the artists that everything is possible if you try ....

You know, in those days, a forum was held on Iturup in Kurilsk, the guest of which was Anatoly Wasserman. He also visited our exhibition and wrote a wonderful review. In his opinion, such projects should inspire artists to new creative business trips to the Kuril Islands.

But the most touching were the reviews of the children. The project, which showed them that creative, cultural ties are continuous, that Russia does not have “forgotten corners” (and it is very important to know when you grow up), I am sure left a bright trace in their souls.

from the artist Anna Kopytina, Vladivostok