Speech by Anna Kopytina at the exhibition "Other Kuril Islands" on November 24, 2018 in the Primorsky Picture Gallery

by Администратор Главный
​Речь Анны Копытиной на выставке "Другие Курилы" 24 ноября 2018 года в Приморской картинной галерее

Thanks to the correspondents of VestiPrim, who once in 2018 sent Anna a working version of the video.
Publishing a fully working version in open channels was incorrect.
And so. Thanks to Yegor Belomestnov for helping to cut out from the video all the moments where Anna Kopytina is captured.

Wonderful, surprising, optimistic speech by Anna Kopytina at the opening of the exhibition, which did not once enter the informational video of VestiPrim. But was published on Anna's website.

Watch and remember!

from the artist Anna Kopytina, Vladivostok