Trees on Popova island, grandmother's bay

Year of creation: 23.10.2005
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In this bay of the island of Popov, we began to travel around 1973.

Then big ferries went to the island. We boarded the ferry on Friday evening and arrived in complete darkness. We walked through the night forest - romance. For some reason, then we called the landing landing, although there is no official name on the map of Popov. Maybe because there were military units nearby. This was when Anya was not yet born. We rested on Popov in tents - Anina's grandmother, mother (still a teenager), friends of her grandmother.

Then, when Anya was already 12 years old, Anya began to go to the bay with her grandmother and friends. That’s why it is called "Grandma’s Bay" - that was what she was for Ani. And from the shore there is a fabulous view of the sea, with the Naumov island (uninhabited) in the middle. And in clear, sunny weather, it seems that this is not the Far East of Russia, but somewhere in the Philippines ...

The coast is very picturesque. Green hills covered with tall grass with wildflowers (inuls, sage) lead to the sea. The beach is mostly pebble, then small, then large stones. On one side is an oak forest. Now you can’t get through the forest, wild camping is not popular, and the old trails are overgrown.

On the back of the picture, Anya writes:

Kopytina A. "Grandmother's Bay"

about. Popova, 2005

bottom of the picture:

Copy on canvas for sale in the design

price: 2000 p.

I do not know if it is, this copy or sold to someone, I can not find ....

Kopytina Ekaterina, Ani's mom


  • 36х45 см
  • Oil Kardboard
Subjects :
  • Coast
  • Greens, Shadows
  • Sea
  • Forest
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