Varandey at the pier of Yuzhno-Kurilsk

Year of creation: 08.01.2018
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Varandey at the pier of Yuzhno-Kurilsk.

September. 26, 2018

Something new, friends:)

I am writing, inspired by the painting of our Evgeny Pikhtovnikov, and also by the genius of Nikolai Feshin.

The topic is not new - my Kunashir. At this work, the ship "Varandey". There are few details on the Etude, so I began to look for it on the network.

It turned out that the type of this vessel was called the Vavchuga, and further read that Varandey himself jumped onto a sandbank in the Kuril Islands during a storm, and then, from there, was removed by a rescue vessel. Now he is no longer in service ...

And in my picture all the time will be at work. As far back as 2005 - mooring, unloading, loading, waiting for the Kuril tide to take off on the next flight.


  • 36х45 см
  • Oil Canvas
Subjects :
  • Mountains
  • Port
  • Roof
  • Streets
  • Structure
Year of creation: